Established Craft Breweries Plant Rural Roots


The craft beer movement has been credited with reviving abandoned industrial zones and local economies, but a new trend is emerging. Established breweries who are looking for the perfect place to build a second location are opting to open farm brewery destinations.

Farm brewery destinations are good news for the rural communities where these breweries put down roots. As South Dakota State University’s Community Vitality Field Specialist Paul Thares reported in December 2018, “All across the country in rural areas and within downtrodden neighborhoods, craft breweries are helping communities overcome economic hurdles.” And NPR shared that “the idea of a craft brewery as a model for small-town revitalization is being tested across the Midwest.”

Grab your fellow beer lovers and hit the country roads to visit these farm brewery destinations.

Trillium Brewing Company | Connecticut

With a stated mission “to create a lifestyle through craft beer,” Trillium has grown to five locations, with Trillium Farm serving as its New England farmhouse destination in North Stonington, Connecticut, which will feature beers made with estate-grown ingredients. “The farm coexists with our other breweries in a symbiotic and sustainable relationship as an agricultural resource and value-added outlet for our organic waste streams, which include spent brewers grain and kitchen scraps. Ultimately our farm is an extension of our supply chain that helps clearly articulate our values to our customers while contributing to the Northeast grain shed and local food supply chain,” says owner JC Tetreault. He’s practicing a lesson in patience as his team completes a rigorous multi-year master planning process “while using this interim time to restore the soil ecology. We have a ‘forever’ time horizon for both Trillium and the farm, and while it will take further years to reap significant harvests, if you have the perspective of what we are trying to achieve in our lifetimes and beyond, its helps to set the perspective that it’s really not so long to wait.”


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